04/10/11 The Reconciliation Problem

Reconciliation Statue at Stormont

Over the last few weeks, dubious questions and statements have been made by Fine Gael and its associates relating to Martin McGuinness and his past. The vast majority of the mud-slinging has come from the south of Ireland. Martin McGuinness says he left the IRA in 1974. Many say he did, many that he didn’t, […]

20/09/11 Amhráin úra


Cupla mí ghnóthach anseo i mBéal Feirste agus amhráin úra á scríobh agam, chomh maith leis an obair: suíomh úr do mo ‘dheirfiúir thár-sáile’ Kathleen Deignan, suíomh idirlín agus dearadh albaim úr don oll-ghrúpa At First Light agus margaíocht úr d’Institiúd Spioradálta Choláiste Í in Nua Eabhrac. Nuair a scríobhaim amhráin, tá orm dearmad a […]

14/08/11 Political accountability


I just sent an email out to mailing list friends on holding governments to account. There is one song that reminds me of personal accountability. ‘Down To The River To Pray’ by the inspirational Alison Krauss. Be you Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Humanist, Atheist or Agnostic, we are all unfortunately political beings. In politics though, […]

01/12/10 Thoughts from America…

Concert singers at Ariana Kabab Restaurant (Afghan food in Manhattan!)

Here are some thoughts I had written down from my time in the US. It has been amazing to tour with Kathleen, Ann (fellow Katherine Lynch fan), Fionnuala and the many musicians I had the opportunity to meet. A huge thank you to those behind the scenes, lovely Monica, Ann (Dublin lass), Joe Madonna who […]

27/07/10 ‘Spirit Seeking’ tour!

I’m thrilled to announce that I will be touring as part of the ‘Celebration of Celtic Soul’ tour, with Kathleen Deignan, Fionnuala Gill, Ann Deignan and a host of other amazing artists. I’ve been working with Kathleen for over two years now on online projects, and am thrilled to be able to head over to […]