Luca Faloni and Outerknown: Embrace Leisure in Stylish Mens Casual Shirts

A properly-stocked capsule wardrobe consists of the collection of casual shirts. They are extremely versatile and resistant to the changing fashion trends – a must-have for any man’s closet.

Try a linen-colored shirt with a simple, neat weave and a tailored fit. The guayabera style is another great casual option, especially in an ethereal pastel.

Casual Chic Mens Shirts

Brands such as G-Star and Outerknown offer casual shirts to an art. Look to the latter for long and short-sleeved styles that can go with everything including sneakers, jeans, well-tailored chinos and loafers.

If you’re looking to find unisex shirts that have the right amount of style look no further than Uniqlo. Their shirts are offered with a wide range of colors and patterns. There’s also linen and cotton blends that have a soft, comfortable feel and have a clean, sleek design.

Bonobos got its start as a pant company but they also design extremely stylish casual clothing. The brand’s slim-fit cotton-linen jersey shirts are ideal for the transition from work and after-work drinks. The design and fabric ensure that it stays in its casual design, even when you relax near the firepit at sunset.

Quality Mens Casual Shirts

If you’re looking for casual clothing, it’s all about quality. Look for a soft, light linen shirt in summer, and something thicker for fall and winter.

Outerknown is a laidback menswear brand. Outerknown features surf culture running through it. So it’s no surprise their shirt designs for long and short sleeve casual shirts are both eye-catching and flawlessly designed.

To find a relaxed shirt that has an edge, take a look at Faherty’s Nescove pattern. It features a bizarre native-inspired design that blends chaotic order with a hint of whimsy. The organic cotton button-down also has horn buttons, two pockets and a relaxed wide collar. Ideal for strolling through the park, or a relaxing day at the beach. They are also tough enough for camping, hunting as well as fishing. Orlebar Brown is another label that is familiar with casual shirts.


Stylish Mens Wardrobe Essentials

Whether you’re looking for something shorter sleeved, linen-like to wear in summer and spring, or a heavier cotton option that will can be worn in the fall and winter, there’s numerous stylish and fashionable men’s casual shirt styles to pick from. Todd Snyder produces printed shirts which are ideal for festive clothes and celebrations, while Rhone provides shirts that can put on post-workout thanks to the sweat-wicking technology.

Uniqlo is a huge fan of cotton and linen as shirt materials Their selection includes enough styles and colours to cover your entire wardrobe. Represent’s huge ‘The Hills’ shirt is perfect to throw onto a henley with some selvedge denim when you’re sitting around the fire pit during the sunset.

Club Monaco were founded to create ‘better basics’ that enhance closets. Their large collection of ao aristino casual clothing has fits, fabrics, and collars that are appropriate for every event. In the same way, Suitsupply provide shirts that can be worn with either business attire or casual looks according to the time of year and style.

Versatile Mens Shirt Styles

In the world of casual-wear is all about fabric and fitting. Select linen, seersucker and silk-based blends when it’s warmer out, and wool, cashmere, and fleece in cooler weather.

Luca Faloni’s delicately blended linen and cotton shirt is the type of casual shirt that’s ideal for summertime fair weather activities. Wear it with shorts and a blazer when you’re having cocktail hour at the pool or with a lighter-washed pair of selvedge denim for a stroll to the beach.

Suitsupply offers a wide selection of casual shirts that can quickly transition from office clothes to a more luxurious look. Their fabrics feature sweat wicking and the four ways stretch feature to keep your body and mind relaxed. They also offer a wide variety of fits which include slim, regular and tailored.